Gościniec pod Dębem

Gościniec pod Dębem’ (Under the oak Road) is situated on the border of two land – Warmia and Masuria – in Wilimy, 15 kilometers from Biskupiec, near to Dadaj Lake. Adjacent to forest, rich in blueberries, raspberries and mushrooms. Here, far away from cities, tourists rest in friendly, family atmosphere. Road offers many attractions: bikes, quads, herbal workshops. There is a beach located near the Road. The restaurant is known from regional dishes. The basic food products are cold meat, sausages, etc. They are prepared from fresh meat, according to regional recipes, seducing with taste, aroma and appearance. Gourmands can try a variety of dumplings: cooked, roasted and fried.


all year

Wilimy 5
11-300 Biskupiec
Telephone +48 79 549 80 44
GPS N53.89645 E20.85325 (WGS84 decimal)

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