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Kulinaria - Sklep CukierekKulinaria - Sklep Cukierek

Kulinaria - Sklep Cukierek

In the shop you can find wide range of food products of high quality . Besides sweets from the local confectionery companies such as: Cukry Nyskie, Piast Głogówek, ZPC Otmuchów, Odra Brzeg, you can buy here traditional sausages, sauerkraut from the village of Bobrowa, freshly baked breads and cheeses from small local firms. Moreover, a very large part of the products are traditional and organic products produced in our region by small local family businesses.
To reach a wider range of consumers, we decided to open shop on-line where you'll find products mainly from the European Network of Culinary Heritage. We tried to put on it all relevant information, so that you can learn all about both the product and its qualities and properties, but also to meet its producers who put a lot of effort to ensure that their products are of the highest quality. In addition, we organize interesting workshops and promotional campaigns, during which we familiarize with the idea of Slow Food - the idea to which we are guided to.


Grzegorz Klon
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45-031 Opole
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