Gospodarstwo rolne "Ferma Gęsi"

Goose Farm is located in the beautiful Kashubian coastal area, where the local population have been bred geese. Meat of geese from years is considered a delicacy product, tasty and, above all, is classified as healthy foods. It is recommended in the prevention of atherosclerosis because of the low ion content of sodium and cholesterol.

Farm specializes in producing "Pierśnik Dębogórski" - these are the breasts on the bone, smoked, raw, according to tradition, transmitted by the local population from generation to generation. The hosts has on a farm traditional breeding geese.

Every year on the farm is organized "Picnic in Gęśnik" - an annual event organized in the first or second Saturday in November in accordance with the old proverb, "At St Martin's the best is goose."

Nearby attractions: Tri-City Landscape Park, Bay of Puck - 9 km Gdynia - 8 km, Rzucewo Palac, the Museum of Puck, Nature Reserves in the vicinity of Puck are two nature reserves Bielawa Beka and their main task is to protect rare and unusual species of birds and plants.

Products from the List of Traditional Products: Kukla Kashubian, Pierśnik Dębogórski
Sales products of the geese:
- Goose carcasses
- raw chest, legs, offal
- Pierśnik dębogórski smoked hot and cold
- Goose liver pate
- Goose fat

Sales of Easter eggs, embroidery, quilts.
Catering for events up to 40 people at a local restaurant.


Shop is open on Fri 11-5 p.m. and Sat 11-4 p.m.

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