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Hotel Tajty

Wilkasy koło Giżycka, Poland

+48 87 428 01 94, biuro@hoteltajty

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Siedlisko na Półwyspie

Ruciane-Nida, Polska

0048 (0) 87 423 65 17, +48 609 893 540

Restaurants & Inns  Production & Processing
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Regional Culinary Heritage is a network with member regions all across Europe. The common goal is to develop our regions through regional food and culinary traditions. Increased use and production of regional food develops small scale business. All this concerns tourism, environment, employment and health. In short terms - a good life for many people!

On this webpage you will find restaurants, producers, processors and farm shops from each region. Business members in the network ensures that products has its origin from the region. Culinary traditions and skills are something to be proud of.

Get inspired of the delicious recipes served by our business members from all over Europe. Welcome and enjoy our food!

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