Biscuit Swiss roll from Kujawy i Pomorze, Poland

Biscuit Swiss roll

Butter and margarine, beat until fluffy, then beat the eggs with castor sugar on a fluffy foam. Connect two pulp and beat about 10 minutes. Then add the cream pudding powder and mix thoroughly. To the prepared pulp add kajmak traditional, alcohol, vanilla essence and mix until combined.
¾ cream put on a thin biscuit top, spread evenly over the entire surface. Wrap the roulade, leave to concentrated. Decorate concetrated set rolls with the rest of the cream, sprinkle with a nut mix and decorate with kajmak traditional using piping bag and specialty decorating tips .
0.15 kg Butter
0.25 kg Margarine
0.15 kg castor sugar
0.10 kg Eggs
0.01 kg pudding cream powder with vanilla flavor
0.30 kg Kajmak traditional
0.004 kg vanilla essence
0.02 kg alcohol
0.20 kg Nut Mix
0.10 kg Kajmak traditional for decoration

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