MANGOLD CAKE from Split-Dalmatia, Croatia


In 1 L of milk add 3 spons of sugar, one vanilla sugar, a bit of salt and cook in 30 dkg of corn flour. Let the corn flour cool down.
In the meantime separate the yokes from the eggs, add sugar amd vanilla sugar and whish it well, add some rum and the extract of bitter almonds, skin and juice from the orange and beat the corn flour good so it becomes homogeneous mass and add baking powder and whisked egg whites from 5 eggs. Rub the cake mold and sprinkle it with cornflour, pour the mixture and bake for 45 minutes on 160 degrees. When it cools down, cut it in half and spread cream over it.
Wash and cook the mangold in salt water. Strain it well and blend it together. Put blended mangold on steam, some sugar, vanilla sugar and 3 whole eggs, cook it until it starts to lump. Cool it down and mix into it 15 dkg of grinded walnuts and butter.

1 l of milk
30 dkg corn flour (palenta)
20 dkg sugar
2 packs of vanilla sugar
2 packs of baking powder
5 eggs
Rum, extract from bitter almonds
Juice and skin from one orange
A bit of salt
1 kg mangold
1 butter
3 eggs
15 dkg walnuts
15 dkg sugar
Vanilla sugar
A bit of rožalina (rose schwaps)

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