Come and experience the taste of Småland. With the help of our blue sign with the white chef’s cap you will find our members -producers, farm shops, restaurants and others.

Småland is a province full of culinary experiences. You will find a growing number of small businesses that through their farms, shops and restaurants produce, sell and serve specialties from their local area. They are proud of their culinary heritage and set the table to serve their guests. Would you like to taste potato pancake, fried turnip, fillet of pike-perch, pâté of pike, pickled Baltic herring, salmon-pudding, boiled crayfish, rye bread, coarsely-ground smoked sausage, liver pudding, potato sausage, dried salted led of mutton, juniper berry drink, lingonberry jam, farmers twisted bun, beesting pudding and the famous Småland cheese cake? For starters!

Many centuries ago Småland was the some times inaccessible and independent region on the border between Denmark and Sweden. It is a province full with contrast and a varied landscape. You will find both fertile farmlands, as in the coastal regions around the old city of Kalmar, and stony grounds, as on the Highlands east of the lake Vättern. But you will also find the large forests, the vast bogs and the numerous lakes and streams.

The inhabitants of Småland have had to be ingenious to be able to make use of natures own pantry. The ingredients and primary produce that they have fetched in the forests and fields, through cultivation or breeding, hunting or fishing, has left their mark on the culinary traditions in Småland. The old reliable recipes are still and often in use, but there is also a lot of new dishes based on the genuinely produced ingredients from Småland.

When the soil hasn’t given enough to survive on, the smart inhabitants of Småland have found other ways to make ends meet. With water power, bog iron ore and wood from the forest as raw material they established and developed furniture factories, glassworks, ironworks and workshops for wiredrawing. In the same way small scale food industries has been established.

You will find our broschure Småländska Smaker (Tastes of Småland) at our members companies or at the Tourist Information Offices in Småland.

Welcome to the province of Småland, in the southeast of Sweden.

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