The owner of the trademark Culinary Heritage is Southeast Skåne Committee of Cooperation (SÖSK). This non profit public authority is a cooperative body between the municipalities of Simrishamn, Sjöbo, Tomelilla and Ystad. SÖSK's role is to be coordinating, advisory and recommendatory for these municipalities. The European Coordinator of the Regional Culinary Heritage Europe network represents the owner of the Trademark. The logotype is protected as a community Trademark throughout Europe.

Regional Culinary Heritage Europe - Functionalities
  • Business Members
  • Regions
  • National Reference Group
  • European Coordinator
  • Business members

    The fundamental base of Regional Culinary Heritage Europe is the skilled regional Business Members in each region. The businesses joins the regional network that is formed by the Regional License Holder and they are licensed to use the trademark of Regional Culinary Heritage Europe.
    Functions Business Member 
  • Use regional food resources
  • Be a good ambassador for Regional Food & Culinary Traditions
  • Have good knowledge about the concept for Regional Culinary Heritage Europe
  • Display the trademark for guests & customers


    The regional structure is divided into two parts
  • Regional License Holder
  • Regional Coordinator

  • Functions Regional License Holder
  • Establishing a Regional Organisation
  • Upholding the criteria for Regional Culinary Heritage Europe
  • Contact with the European coordinator 
    Functions Regional Coordinator 
  • Carries out the activities of the regional business member network
  • Recruit new Business Members to the network
  • Is the contact person for the business members

    National Reference Group

    In certain regions there might be an absence of a Regional License Holder due to certain circumstances. In these regions SÖSK has the ultimate responsibility for the regional update and which Business Members that take part in the regional network. For this regional work the European Coordinator has an advisory group on national level within the country the region is situated, a so called National Reference Group. The National Reference Group consists of specialists within tourism-, food-  and business sector.

    European Coordinator

    The European Coordinator of the Regional Culinary Heritage Europe network represents the owner of the Trademark, SÖSK. 

  • Functions European Coordinator 
  • Administration and update of the joint website www.culinary-heritage.com as well as social media feeds @CulinaryEurope
  • Answer requests and provide information to regions and potential regions within Regional Culinary Heritage Europe
  • Recruit new regions to the network
  • General administration (License fee, Criteria etc.)
  • Arrange Annual Forum in cooperation with the hosting region
  • Training courses for new member regions