Join Us As A Region Or Biz Member!

How To Join As A Region?
The process to become a Regional License Holder comes in several steps.
  • Candidate Region - A regional organisation - regional authority, federation, society, foundation or association - applies to the European Coordinator to join the network as Candidate Region. When the region is approved by the European Coordinator and they have paid the yearly fee the Candidate Region are introduced.

  • Approved Region - After the completed training course the region get the status as an Approved Region which grants full rights within the concept of Regional Culinary Heritage Europe. As an Approved Region the Regional License Holder have the full right to use the trademark as long as they fulfill the stipulated Criteria.

  • The Regional License Holder pays a yearly fee of 20.000 SEK to take part in Regional Culinary Heritage Europe.

    How To Join As A Business Member? 

    The application process differs if the region is controlled by a Regional License Holder or by National Reference Groups within your country.
    Click here to see the status for your region. If your region aren't highlighted then we aren't active there yet but do contact us with your interest as we might open up there soon!  

  • Businesses within regions without a Regional License Holder can be promoted and be engaged in the network under a license held by Regional Culinary Heritage Europe under surveillance and controlled by a National Reference Group (NRG) that is assigned by the European Coordinator.

  • In NRG controlled regions there is a yearly fee of 950 SEK excl. VAT plus costs for the Enamel Sign for the joining Business Member. All payments to the network are made through our shop 

  • For regions with a Regional License Holder it's that organisation stipulating the fee for their Business Members joining in to the network. Fee differs betweens countries and regions for the individual Business Member depending on the work done. 
  • Business Members in all regions must fulfill the same criteria stipulated by the network. Licensed Regions can also add extra criteria according to regional circumstances. One big difference between regions controlled by a Regional License Holder and the regions controlled by NRG is that the NRG regions doesn't have an assigned Regional Coordinator that works with the network specifically for them.