Kårehamns Fisk & Havskök

Kårehamn has its own fishing fleet and our fish shop is located in the old fish processing plant. The fish preparation went unfortunately out of time a few years ago, but the fishing industry in Kårehamn lives like never before!

The fishing fleet delivers freshly caught Baltic fishing directly to our door, as fresh as it gets! From the Baltic Sea we get cod, herring, eel, pike, perch-pike, garfish and of course the famous Ölands flounder. In the late summer we have locally lake crayfish, cooked directly in the shop in our finest layer.

From the west coast, direct-delivered goods are of the highest class. We can therefore offer freshly cooked shrimp, sea crayfish and lobster - both American and Swedish. In the West Sea , catfish, halibut, anglerfich, oats and delicate sole, witch and lemon sole are caught.

Blue mussels in the net, fresh oysters on ice bed, scallops, whitefish roe, crablegs, tuna - the variation from the sea have no limits and we try our best to tickle your taste buds with new experiences.

Smoked fish have ancient roots on Öland. We have cold-smoked and smoked salmon in several flavors, smoked eel, mackerel, cod, garfish and smoked baltic herring - depending on the season.

The Celebration of pickled herring are Christmas, Easter and Midsummer, but we have many varieties to choose from all year round.
Öland is the sun and the islands of the wind, experience it in Kårehamn! We serve directly on the dock, full rights and a menu of delicious sandwiches, pies, smoked seafood, just to name a few examples. We also cook ready and prepared food for take a way. Fresh fish is great to grill! Buy something from the fish counter and borrow our barbecue facilities on the pier.

CONTACTS:Kårehamns Fisk & Havskök
Kårehamnsvägen 13
38796 Köpingsvik
Telephone 0706-400240
[email protected]
GPS N56.94880 E16.86015 (WGS84 decimal)

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