Ekberg & Forsberg

In April 2012, the new and food-interested pensioners Lars Forsberg and Sven Ekberg presented the first bottles of organic and demand-labeled rapeseed oil. Lasse ran for many years Halltorp's praised inn. Sven was the producer and program leader for the popular food program Meny in P1 and the donor to Öland Skördefest. Both burned for locally produced organic food and especially for the alpine food culture and the island's fine ingredients. After a fruitful meeting with the brothers Anders and Jimmy Johansson, who grows organic rape in Gillsreik in the middle of Öland, Lasse and Sven decided to produce and launch beer rapeseed oil. The company Ekberg 6 Forsberg AB was formed and well-known star chef Karin Fransson was hired as a flavoring of the sun-yellow natural oil. Today, the virgin rapeseed oil from Gillsätter is flavored with back timber, lemon grass, onion garlic, chili garlic, saffron orange and basil lime. In collaboration with Öland Örtagård, Ekberg & Forsberg also produces organic Bavarian strawberry and raspberry vinegar.

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