Arontorps Kropkakor

Welcome to Arontorp's Kroppkakor & food!

We at Arontorp's kroppkakor are a restaurant that offers first class Kroppkakor and other good food. With an excellent service in a simple restaurant environment, we promise to offer you a good and gastronomic luxury that guarantees an incredible taste experience.

That is why we want to fill your weekdays as holidays with these good-known and loved Öländska kroppkakor or our other good and well-prepared food that is so warm to us.

Öländska kroppkakor is consist of raw grated potatoes, boiled potatoes, salted pork and onions cooked in salted water.

CONTACTS:Arontorps Kropkakor
Torslunda 102
386 93 Färjestaden
Telephone 0485 38887
[email protected]
GPS N56.64744 E16.51573 (WGS84 decimal)

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