Ninnis Kroppkaksbod

We manufacture and sell genuine freshly cooked Öländska body cakes with raw materials from the öländska cultivated land.We import the peppercorns, but the potatosand the onions are from our own cultivation. We buy pork from regional breeders. The body cakes are made in the traditional way - with care and by hand. In addition, the body cakes are both gluten and lactose free! Vegetarian body cakes can also be cooked to order. They will contain mushrooms and onion instead of pork.
Please call and order to ensure you get as many body cakes as you wish. This is extra important during the summer season.
You will find us in Källa 1 km west to Hagelstad, 5 km south of Löttorp. Bring your casserole and fill it with Öland's gray gold, the body cake!

Eva & Inger


Midsummer until mid August: Tuesday to Saturday 11-18. Closed Sunday and Monday. In the winter open Thursday and Saturday 11-17.

Lövängsvägen 225
387 70 Löttorp
Telephone 0485-273 00
Fax 0485-272 34
[email protected]
GPS N57.12446 E16.94929 (WGS84 decimal)

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