Strandå organic farms, Havtornsgården, is a KRAV-approved farm that has grown ecologically since the beginning of 1970. Our farm is located on the southeastern side of Öland in Triberga, between Alby and Hulterstad.
Of the herb's herbs we produce craftsmanship of good spices in different flavors. Sea towers and fresh garlic are our specialties such as rosemary we started to grow in 2003. In addition, we produce marmalade, juice and chutney from the vitamin-rich yellow sea-bean berries. We also produce these products in other flavors. Our refined produce, spices and vegetables are available after season. You can go shopping at our farm shop and our self-service stand. We also have a cafe with its own bakery open in season.

Try our freshly harvested potatoes in July and enjoy and agree that organic-grown produce tastes the best!
Welcome to us welcome

Gunilla and Christer!


Self-service vegetable stocks April to November, around the clock.
Other opening hours: see website

Triberga 114
380 62 Mörbylånga
Telephone 0485-451 48
[email protected]
GPS N56.46927 E16.57519 (WGS84 decimal)

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