Restaurang Rosengården

Restaurant Rosengården is a classical restaurant, beautifully situated at St:a Karin's church ruin on the main square in Visby. Rosengården was built in the mid-1940's and has since then been a natural part of Visby's pub life. From the start the restaurant was an open porch with a slightly smaller area than the current restaurant. Over the years there have been many changes, but the authentic environment in the shadow of St:a Karin's church ruin has been preserved. During the late 1990's the restaurant got the appearance it has today, when the bar and the outdoor terrace was renovated.

In the last 40 years there has, until this year, been only two restaurateurs who has kept Rosengården running. Jack Buskas took over Rosengården in the middle of the 1960's and ran it successfully until 1991. 1992 Helmuth König Lehner took over, and during the 1990's until 2003, he has brilliantly run the restaurant with a mix of Gotland, Austrian and French cooking. In the summer of 2004, two new restaurateurs took over. It was Stefan König Lehner and Henrik Westerlund, who came to bring the traditions further with this genuine Gotland summer tavern. From 2010 Henrik Westerlund is the one who runs the restaurant.


Open daily from May to September.

Stora Torget
621 56 Visby
Telephone +46 498 21 81 90
[email protected]
GPS N57.63843 E18.29070 (WGS84 decimal)

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