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Wisby Ost

Wisby Ost started as a family company in the summer of 2006.
It was a dream we had and here we are a couple of years later.
The store is located in the heart of the medieval city of Visby at
Wallérs Plats and we are open the year around.

Since June 2006, when Gotland first complete cheese and deli shop
opened, many people from the whole world has been visiting us.

Sweden is the country with one of the world's most cheese-loving people, we consume about 17 kg of cheese per person per year.
With us you can now taste and smell among cheeses from Gotland, the swedish mainland and all Europe, both from cow’s, sheep and goat’s milk.
There is a charkuterie counter with smoked and airdried meat, local lambmeat and many selected salami, Parma, Serrano and more.
Our range also consists of Italian olive oils and balsamic vinegar, pesto and olives from Terreno in the Tuscanyarea and Sicily among many others. Furthermore, we have bread and biscuits from various suppliers.
We look forward to see You in our store, You might have a new favorite or want some help with a cheeseplatter, gifts or enjoy one of our cheese and winetesting events.
The company obtained a Diploma of Rural Economy in the context of a Food Market in Almedalsveckan for "this year's regional food-ambassador-business" in 2012.
The local restaurantmembers of Kulinariska Gotland also gave us a diploma in 2002 which
we are very proud of.
Welcome to us, Anders, Ann-Marie, Hanna and Marie at Wisby Cheesestore


We invest a lot of local products such as Stafva farm cow’s milk cheeses Furthermore, we have Gotland marmalade, vinegar, Salmbärssylt from several producers and pickled cucumber from Kvie. We also cooperate with Gudinge, Majstregården, Hejde Knäcke, and a
local chokolatproducer.

Wallérs Plats 4
SE-621 56 Visby
Telephone +46 (0)498 27 72 75
[email protected]
GPS N57.63889 E18.29599 (WGS84 decimal)

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