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Gute Grain Cooperative Society was formed in 2008 to take over a variety of materials from SLU (Agrucultural University) A pilot project aimed at preserving, managing, growing and selling culture grain from Gotland.

For sales please Contact following farmers

Sten Rosvall, Halla tel + 46(0)70 528 71 24
Curt Niklasson, Näs tel + 46 (0)70 548 90 91
Roger Lundberg, Eke tel + 46 (0)70 489 09 04

Little Bjers Farmshop Västerhejde and in several other places in Gotland.

The association sells whole kernels of einkorn wheat, emmerwheat, spelt and other varieties of older cereals grown in Gotland since the bronze ages.

Wholemeal flour to consumers, restaurants and bakeries.

Welcome to contact us.

The association organizes in collaboration with the Adult Education Association, lectures, courses in cooking with cereals, baking, field tours, etc.


By appointment on phone

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