Gåsemora Gårdskrog and Pastamakarna

"Gåsemora Gårdskrog
Restaurant and catering business.

In our restaurant we want to give our guests a taste of Fårö and Gotland.
Working in the kitchen we get inspiration by Gotlandic traditional recipes and specialties and we add modern cooking and a great curiosity to what the nature around us offers.
Ramson, wild leek, elderberry, mushrooms are som examples of what we pick ourselves when in season.
We use Gotlandic ingredients as much as possible, otherwise we choose Swedish organic produce .
Welcome to have a taste of our island.

Hanna and Kristoffer Dagerås

Hanna was born and raised on Fårö, her family is lambproducers and operates the family business Fårö Lamm.
Kristoffer is originally from Gothenburg and has worked seasonally at Fårö for several years as a baker at the bakery Sylvis döttrar."


see website www.gasemora.se

Stora Gåsemora Gård and Pastamakarna
Fårö Stora Gasmora 4200
624 67 Fårö
Telephone +46 (0)707-360063
[email protected]
GPS N57.943332 E19.2133 (WGS84 decimal)

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