Gotlands Ekologiska Odlare

GEO is a non-profit association for the cultivation and processing of vegetables and cereals, as well as the production of milk, meat and eggs.

Farming, cultivation and other production takes place according to KRAV regulatory for a sustainable agriculture, and a better environment.

GEO was established in 1986 on the initiative of organic farmers, consumers and the teacher / adviser in the agricultural / gardening.

The Association has a number of active members around Gotland and sales on some farms with its own farm shop.

These can be found on our website.

Our products are also available in grocery stores and served in public kitchens and restaurants.

Hangvar Tajnungs 129B
624 54 Lärbro
Telephone 073 - 512 60 19
[email protected]

Farmshops & sales Production & Processing