Rommunds Fårgård

Rommund's sheep farm
Rommunds is a renowned sheep farm on eastern Gotland, beautifully situated in Gammelgarn, which is run by the couple Björn Eriksson and Monika Nilsson.

Most of our 400 ewes come from the Gotland sheep. The lambs have a natural upbringing together with their mothers and contribute to the biological diversity through their grazing in herb-rich pastures and an open and beautiful landscape on Gotland.

Quality with ancestry
Animals that feel good give nice skins. It goes without saying. In order for the lambskins to be beautiful and maintain a high quality, extensive breeding work and fingertip feeling are also required.

Our breeding line stretches back to Björn's parents farm Enge and his grandfather Herbert who in the 1940s was involved in developing the breed. Some curly animals, from the breed Gutefår, were bred on and today we have the breed Gotland sheep. A breed with both a tasty flesh and a unique silky curly grey fur.

Over the years, we have been praised, both for our beautiful skins and good growth. We are most proud of the prices: Swedens best lambskins in 2011 and most recently Gotland's best lambskins in 2019.

For 21 years we have been selling lambskin on the Internet and over the years we have had many satisfied customers who keep coming back. In 2011, the business was expanded and we now also have a well-visited farm shop, where we sell our beautiful skins and meat from the farm's beef and lamb. We also collaborate with Krakas Krog, in Kräklingbo, which we can promise takes the flavors of the farm's lamb to new heights.

Meat products
In the farm shop you will find our handcrafted charcuterie products.

Gammelgänning from our lamb - spiced with red wine, Sjaustrukocken's lamb seasoning and mustard.
Rommundare from our beef - spiced with red wine, Sjaustrukocken's herb / garlic spice and mustard.

Herbs and garlic - spiced with red wine, herbs and garlic.
Salsiccia - spiced with white wine and fennel.
Merguez - a slightly hotter sausage spiced with harissa.

Souvlaki - barbecue skewers of bog marinated in red wine, herbs and garlic.
Oriental skewers of minced lamb with oriental seasoning.
Meat products beef and lamb

Our burgers and sausages have a high meat content and are without additives of nitrite.


Opening hours in the farm shop
Current opening hours are always available on our website.

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