Hotel Mullsjö

Mullsjö – it’s good for you!

Is it really possible to experience the great outdoors and fresh mountain air in south Sweden, in a location much closer and more accessible than the alpine tourist areas?
Yes, of course it is!

It’s all here for you to enjoy in Mullsjö, only some 25 km north-west of Jönköping. The crystal clear air. The location in the heart of nature. The relaxing atmosphere. The perfect place to rewind and slow down. Or be as active as you want.

And there is much more: the hotel offers a heated indoor pool, modern conference facilities, a fully licensed restaurant, and comfortable rooms and lounges. There is a wide selection of all-year round activities, including a ski jumping tower, and downhill and cross-country skiing, starting from the hotel.

Come as a family or together with your friends or work colleagues – it’s really good for you!
Our experienced and friendly staff know how to make you feel most welcome. Perhaps we can’t fulfil every wish you may have – but we will always try our best!

Our recently renovated restaurant has been named after the wife of the hotel’s founder, Hjalmar Fagerström. Greta’s restaurant serves carefully prepared food, mostly from local produce.

We feel that your meal should be a complete and tasteful experience in every aspect, in which good service and personal attention are just as important as the high quality food and drink served on your table.


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Sjövägen 90
565 32 Mullsjö
Telephone +46(0)392-494 00
Fax +46(0)392-100 75
[email protected]
GPS N57.90411 E13.87257 (WGS84 decimal)

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