Bondens Bästa i Svalöv

What is the Farmers Best?
Farmer's Best market meat of the highest quality from five specially selected farmers in Skåne.

Pigs from Farmer Best are reared in an integrated system, where the gale is born on the farm and remain there throughout childhood. This makes the pigs calm, harmonious and strong. A Farmer's Best Pig is a very strong and healthy pig with a juicy and tasty meat that is enjoyed by many chefs. The slaughter takes place in approved and controlled slaughterhouse and the meat is delivered directly to the shop or restaurant without unnecessary middleman. Meat from this company garantees a high quality all through the delivery chain - from the farmer to the shop.

Once before one knew exactly what they ate and if you didn't breed the animals yourself, you knew the farmer who did it. Today, many worry and wonder which origin the meat has. Meat from Farmer Best always comes from one of our five breeders where the animals have a good environment. We are very proud of our animals and we set high standards for ourselves. We guarantee that you do not need to feel any concern over whether the meat's origin or quality.

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