Linas och binas

Linas Norrsell´s idea is to produce as natural products as possible.
In 2008, she started up her business lina and bees in Borråkra outside Degeberga in Skåne. The business consists of KRAV-certified beekeeping and apple orchards.
Honey from the approximately 100 colonies is harvested several times during the summer. Depending on which flowers the bees visited, the different honey varieties its specific character. Heating of honey avoided, in order to preserve all the beneficial enzymes and minerals.
Bees help each year with pollination of apple trees.
Apple cultivation is located in Kivik and consists of about 2000 old trees and mostly older apple varieties, such as Ingrid Marie and Cox Orange.
The apples are taken to a cider brewery where they are pressed to organic apple juice.

In our farm kitchen in Sillaröd produced jams, jellies , chutneys and mustard under the brand Haväng Produkter.


You can find our products at retailers, restaurants and cafes.
During the fall and spring are we at Farmers' markets in Malmö.
You are also welcome to our shop.
For opening times see website.

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Sillaröd, Nickebo
273 57 Brösarp
Telephone 0417-26270
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