Tolånga 17

We have had a dream for many years and now we have realized it. We have combined our farm with a meat shop and a restaurant with our own flesh. A farm where the animals are doing well and living a free life and a shop and restaurant where the meat is handled with knowledge and respect and have extremely high quality. We built Tolanga 17 in the middle of cow pasture in beautiful surroundings between Sjöbo and Tolanga. Here, the cows have spent thier summers in many years. Now, you are welcome to eat, buy or hold conferences or a party!

Ann & Tomas Persson, farmers since 1986.


The store,
Wednesday 11-15
Thursday - Friday 11-18
Saturday - Sunday 11-14

The restaurant,
Wednesday - Sunday. 11:30 to 14:00.

CONTACTS:Tolånga 17
Stora Tolångavägen 99-20
SE-275 92 SJÖBO
Telephone + 46 (0) 416-140 50, +46 (0)708-84 36 13
[email protected]
GPS N55.63727 E13.74397 (WGS84 decimal)

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