Österlens food market will develop into a natural centre for food quality and food culture in Sweden.

Food of good quality is produced with respect for both nature, animals and the people who will prepare and eat it. Locally produced are often of high quality. Fresh food that is transported far often lose both nutritional value and taste. Therefore, it is mainly local food, combined with international specialties at Österlens food market.
Creating accessibility is the same as creating distribution channels.

The marketplace in the town Tomelilla is not only open for professional and private customers. It is also open to producers, breeders and food entrepreneurs who share our values of food quality and the pleasure of food.

Torget 15
Telephone +46 (0)417 14530 alt. (0)708 893639
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GPS N55.54401 E13.95113 (WGS84 decimal)

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