Soldattorpets Mejeri

Soldattorpets Dairy is a small dairy in the beautiful environment in Hyby
situated 20 km from Malmö and Lund.

The dairy operated by Mary with the help of her husband Carlos has received its name after the charming 200 year old house next to the dairy, typical for the south of Sweden. For ages it has been one perioed house for soldiers = "Soldat".
When you visit our farm shop you can taste diffrent sort of cheeses, made
on milk collected from the village and during summer you can relax with a cup
of coffe together with our homemade cheese cake.

All cheese is made on artisanal and natural way with a lot of care and
we allow the cheese to mature in their own time without hurry.

We receive visits for groups and arrange cheese tastings.

Welcome to visit us!


The farm shop is open Thursday 15-18, Friday 13-18 and Saturday 10-16 but
other open-days may occur.
(See website or call us)

CONTACTS:Soldattorpets Mejeri
Hyby Grindväg 310-40
Telephone +46 (0)708-414 623
[email protected]
GPS N55.575284 E13.249692 (WGS84 decimal)

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