Vismarlövs Café & Bagarstuga

Vismarlöv's Café & Bakery was built in 2008 from recycled material from demolished old houses in the immediate area. Adjacent to the house is a large flowering garden with pond and ducks and there you can bring a picnic basket from the cafe.

Our ambition is to create a gathering place for people, old and young. Here you should be able to have coffee with homemade pastry or a hearty sandwich in an old-fashioned and homely environment.

Everything that we bake - bread, cakes, skewers - is used in the café or sold in the store. There are also our own jams, different kinds of juice and mustard as well as honey from our own apiary. Craftsmanship and naturalness are important to us and we strive to use locally produced and organic raw materials in our production as much as possible.

CONTACTS:Vismarlövs Café & Bagarstuga
Eksholmsvägen 357
23376 Klågerup
Telephone 040-440113
[email protected]
GPS N55.5832196 E13.2927237 (WGS84 decimal)

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