Skånska Vilt AB

We are a privat owned Swedish slautery with high demands on ethics and quality in all from handling of the animals to the finished product. Therefore a natural choise fore you who are conscious. Our main business consist of receive, slaughter, cutt and packaging meat products from wild game and cattels, cheeps and horses. Our main customers is foodmarkets, wholesalers, kitchens and restarurants in all off Sweden.

We do even have an shop on our farm, where you can buy all of our products off meat from lokal farmers and hunters.

On our wildboarfarm you can see wildboar close by and after agreement we show up the farm for customers and Tourists.


Weekdays between 08.00-17.00. Saturdays 9-14

CONTACTS:Skånska Vilt AB
Pl 1399B
288 90 VINSLÖV
Telephone +46 44 801 02
[email protected]
GPS N56.13325 E13.90036 (WGS84 decimal)

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