Farm Kurmīši

In the place where Latvia starts and Dvina becomes Daugava, Mother Nature has collected its energy, health and warmth of the sun in the medicative herbs growing here.

You are given the opportunity to enjoy the unique aroma and energy of herbal teas.

In the peasant farm “Kurmīši" you can enjoy the unique flavour and energy of the green tea harvested here.
Fields with medicinal plants are on the ecologically clean and rich in landscapes territory of the Nature Park “Daugavas loki”. Since 1994, about 30 species of medicinal teas have been growing. Among them, there are many wild medicinal plants growing in Latvia. For example, valerian and oregano. The most popular medicinal plant of the American prairie – Echinacea, is grown as well. Each year, a range of plants grows.

The peasant farm is producing cold-press oil from the milk thistle, mustard, hemp and other self-grown crop seeds oil cultures. The perfect complement to our products is also essential oils and flower water from medical herbs grown in the farm.

Peasant farm “Kurmīši”offers:
• to get acquainted with a medical plant cultivation and secrets of processing;
• degustation of “Kurmīši” herbal teas and purchasing;
• degustation of the honey, which were gathered from the medical herbs grown in the farm;
• the opportunity to create your own recipe for tea, as well as make an exclusive beeswax candles.


Ordering in advance.

CONTACTS:Farm Kurmīši
Ūdrīšu rural municipality
LV-5651 Krāslava district
Telephone +371 26538824
Fax +371 656 22266
[email protected]
GPS N55.896107 E27.077522 (WGS84 decimal)

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