Ludza Centre of Craftsmen

The Ludza Craftsmen`s Centre was founded in 2006 to promote the preservation of craft skills and traditions of Latgale, to raise their prestige in the society, to develop the uniqueness of Latgale, to offer the locals and tourists to learn about everyday life of Latgale through the practical participation in the work of craftsmen and artists.
The Ludza Craftsmen`s Centre offers tours with a story about the ancient Latgale, demonstration of crafts, active participation, refreshments in Latgale style.
To purchase and order works of local craftsmen: pottery, textiles, engraved products, wood products, folk costumes, as well as various souvenirs. The opportunity to actively participate in potter, weaver, tailor studios and other workshops of ancient crafts. Dishes of the culinary heritage of Latgale and a school of cooking these dishes.
The Ludza Craftsmen`s Centre organizes fairs, various activities related to crafts and traditions of Latgale. The most popular of them are the Big Latgalian Fair on the Castle Hill before Līgo Holiday, the action for travellers “Path of golden hands", schools of skills, various exhibitions. But most importantly - the centre is waiting for those who are interested in crafts and folk traditions, cultural, historical and culinary heritage.


Business hours: Mon.-Sat.: 9.00-17.00, Sun.-by arrangements. Dishes Latgale culinary heritage are offered by prior arrangements.

CONTACTS:Ludza Centre of Craftsmen
Tālavijas Street 27a
LV-5701 Ludza
Telephone +371 29123749, +371 29467925
[email protected]
GPS N56.548401 E27.727196 (WGS84 decimal)

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