Hotel Piedruja

The hotel Piedruja is situated by the water boarder between Latvia - Belarus. The village of Piedruja that is very conveniently situated on the picturesque banks of our beautiful River Daugava and on the shore of a small, very clean Lake Koloda, and the closeness of A-6 highway of Riga-Vitebsk (2 km) makes the hotel attractive not only for fishing enthusiasts and curious tourists, but also for transit travellers.
Guests are offered overnight accommodation for 60 persons, tent places near the lake and the Daugava River. Rafting on the Daugava River, as well as inflatable raft renting. Picnic with soup and tea from a samovar fishing on the river and on the lake hall for seminars and celebrations (up to 60 persons). Party in national (Latgalian, Belarusian, Polish) style with dishes of the culinary heritage of Europe. Tour at Piedruja with a visit to the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.

Piedruja, Piedruja parish
LV-5662 Krāslava
Telephone +371 656 29682 +371 28608784 +371 26357228
[email protected]
GPS N55.802826 E27.452087 (WGS84 decimal)

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