Horse Ranch Klajumi

The horse ranch “Klajumi” is situated in the Nature Park of the River Daugava is a favourite place for privacy for couples or families, as well as small companies to be alone with nature and horses. The ranch is awarded with the Latvian heritage label for the preservation of horse breeding traditions. In 2016 it became a finalist of the contest The most beautiful farm, organized by the Office of the President of Latvia and the magazine Ievas māja.

Guests are offered:
• overnight accommodation for 20 persons in guest houses;
• “Black-style” bathhouse and “white-style” bathhouse;
• routes and hikes on horseback in the National Park and near the Latvian-Belarusian border (13 horses);
• therapeutic riding and relaxation on horseback;
• luxury carriage for celebrations of different events in Latvia or Lithuania;
• interesting tour “Odu taka” (The path of mosquitoes) through the forest.


The horse ranch “Klajumi” offers dishes of Latgale culinary heritage from natural, home grown products served in black pottery in a romantic rural restaurant by the fireplace with a picturesque view from the window.
Special offer - “Maz’ cūciņ!” - oven baked pigs thight.

Business hours: by prior arrangement.

CONTACTS:Horse Ranch Klajumi
“Klajumi”, Kaplava parish
Krāslava County
LV-5668 Krāslava
Telephone +371 29472638
[email protected]
GPS N55.857395 E27.041130 (WGS84 decimal)

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