Aglona Museum of Bread

It is the only museum of this kind in the Baltics. Here a person can smell just baked bread, hold in their hands a warm loaf, listen to the story of the most holy - bread.
The Museum offers visitors an hour long story of bread, bread tasting, tea drinking.
The story of bread and a hearty meal that includes dishes of the culinary heritage of Latgale, one and the half hour long program.
The process of the birth of bread can be seen through the window, as well as to participate in the process and bake your loaf, which can be taken along with you.
For children to go the way of bread from a grain to a loaf by imitating different works.
In the museum you can also place your order and the table will be set for any family holiday with dishes according to grandmother's recipes. And at the store, which is situated near the museum, you can always buy fresh bakery products – rye-bread and fine rye bread baked according to old recipes, pies, white bread, and biscuits and other. Pre-order for baking bread, pretzels, pies is possible.
Guest House “Pie Vijas”, which is situated on the second floor of the museum, offers a relaxing stay in the room of grandmother on mattresses made of straws and pillows made of grass, or you may pick up any room according to your mood - red, yellow, purple, blue. Overnight accommodation is offered for 20 persons.


Business hours by prior arrangement.

Daugavpils street 7,
Aglona County, Latvia
Telephone +371 29287044
[email protected]
GPS N56.1332 E27.0018 (WGS84 decimal)

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