Ltd. Balt Harmonia, Šmakoukas Museum

Šmakoukas Museum was established in 2015 with an aim to preserve and promote šmakouku as Latgale culinary heritage tradition.
Šmakoukas Museum offers:
Wide exposure with šmakoukas distillation apparatus
The story of the history of distilling šmakoukas
The story of šmakoukas distillation process
Šmakoukas cooking deceptes
Šmakoukas and infusions tasting
Various souvenir Purchase

Šmakoukas museum on the second end of the Museum of Musical Instruments. It has been operating since 2007. The exhibition includes more than 100 different musical instruments. You can see and hear more of the zither, garmošku, harmonicas, kokle, accordion types. The museum will allow each owner to feel as musicians and particularly responsive teach to play the zither.


Opening hours: Otrdiena- Sunday by prior arrangement.

Meža iela 2a
Telephone +371 28728790, +371 26593441
[email protected], [email protected]
GPS N56.73455 E27.06579 (WGS84 decimal)

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