Recreation place Skaistā Rāzna

The recreation place is situated on the shore of Lake Rāzna that is the second largest lake in Latvia. Nearby are located popular tourist sites - Lielais Liepukalns, Mākoņkalns, E. Vasilevskis` pottery workshop, the stud farm „Rudo kumeļu pauguri”, the museum of Kaunatas shmakovka.

Guests are offered:
• quiet vacation for families and friends;
• overnight accommodation (up to 12 persons);
• boat, bicycle renting;
• tent sites, fireplace;
• place for picnic;
• Latgale culinary heritage dishes- smoked fish and fish soup (uha);
• interactive excursions thorough the National Park of Rāzna;

During the tour, it’s possible to ride Latgale trotters, enjoy meals and drinks of Latgale culinary heritage, learn basics of Latgalian language and dances and also learn history of the formation of the landscape Rāznas lake in an interactive way. Please book your visit in advance by calling 26437778.


Book in advance.

Kaunata parish
LV4622 Rēzekne district
Telephone +371 26437778, +371 26562574
[email protected]
GPS N56.35173 E27.50730 (WGS84 decimal)

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