Molkerei - Naturprodukte GmbH

Our dairy is a modern craft production company. Every day our colleagues produce fresh dairy and sea buckthorn products.
Our equipment is suitable for the processing of fruits and juices, too. Fresh sea buckthorn juice and pulp of best raw material quality are processed into specialties such as fruit spreads, sea buckthorn jelly and liqueurs.
The dairy Poseritz processes the fresh milk from small local businesses to be quark, cream cheese, yogurt, milk desserts, fresh milk, buttermilk, and more.
As we have written to our flags the production of healthy natural products, we don't use any auxiliaries and additives, such as stabilizers, emulsifiers, and binders.

Connected to our dairy in Poseritz we opened our farm shop with a small cafe in October 2008. 18 comfortable seats invite to stay with a latte XXL, fresh homemade cakes and pies, milk and butter milk shakes and many other snacks.

Here you get only products from the region. Apart from our own dairy products, we also have other small dishes on our menu. You will find the poultry brawn form the Kliewe farm, the "best" salami of the Rügen Landschlachterei or spicy pickled herring fillets of Kutter- und Küstenfisch in Sassnitz. So even the non-curd-eaters among our guests will find their snack.

Poseritz Hof 15
18574 Poseritz
Telephone +49 (0)38307 40478
Fax +49 (0)38307 40402
[email protected]
GPS N54.304803 E13.272638 (WGS84 decimal)

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