Erlebnis-Bauernhof Kliewe

Our "Adventure Farm" exists already since 1840. At that time, the farm was operated by Hans Kliewe, a capable farmer, known near and far.
Today, the main focus of the farm is placed on the poultry. Our trucks supply all kinds of ducks, geese and chickens to our customers throughout Mecklenburg- Vorpommern. In summer you can watch our ducks and geese on the large pastures around the farm.
Due to the continuous expansion of the product range of poultry specialties, a good part of which are produced on the farm, our farm shop has made ​​a name far beyond the borders of Rügen.

On our farm we offer our guests 9 comfortable holiday apartments that have been classified with 4 and 5 stars.


We are open daily from 9:00 to 22:00.
In our restaurant you can enjoy regional specialties. From 11:00 we serve hot meals.

Mursewiek 1
18569 Ummanz
Telephone 03 83 05 - 530010
Fax 03 83 05 - 53001062
[email protected]
GPS N54.447845 E13.184581 (WGS84 decimal)

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