Gospodarstwo Rolne Elżbieta i Andrzej Symonowicz

Agriculture Farm with an area of 22 ha is located in Warmia, in Praslity near Dobre Miasto. Since 2008, the farm has produced rennet cheese from cow�s milk, collected from their own cows. The cheese is made in farm cheese dairies, with full-fat, pasteurized milk. The offer includes: smoked cheese ‘Zadymer’, herbal cheese, creamy cheese and yellow ‘Praslicki’ - ripened cheese.


all year

Praslity 12
11-040 Dobre Miasto
Telephone +48 89 616 22 08
[email protected]
GPS N54.0204779 E20.3483963 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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