Gospodarstwo Pasieczne Andrzej Wowk

Farm Beekeeping Andrew Vovk is situated in the municipality of Miłakowo and is run by a family Vovk since 1981. Many years of tradition and experience is a combination of traits by which we have a quality product, which we would like to recommend.

Senior family began their adventure from a few hives, over the years the number of bee families grew, and raised then Andrew discovered a new hobby. Watching his father's work made him the enthusiasm and painful stings did not matter. Against the will of his father, who was opposed to this son devoted exclusively breeding, Andrew decided to take up beekeeping on a larger scale. Thanks to his persistence and fascination with life bee families expanded gradually their number, so that today boasts several apiaries constants, which are located on the pure land border of Warmia and Mazury so as to ensure the best use of the draw bees, and therefore the tastiest characteristic honeys and multifloral.
Care in breeding and care of the highest standards spin Our honeys are the priorities that we maintain from the beginning of the apiaries.
At present we have 289 trunks located in the municipality of Miłakowo, which are divided into 5 apiaries.
With high-quality product we can be proud of acquiring important partners in the province. Warmia-Mazury intermediary in the sale of honey, are m.in .: "Bakery Dąbkowski" Confectionery "Golden Key" Spirits Winery, Hotel Omega Shop "Jam" in Olsztynek.