Berry London is a company that is a producer and seller of ice cream and cakes. Production is carried out throughout the year, while sales points are open from early spring to late summer, early autumn. The premises are also opened during the break on the occasion of important events and holidays. In ice cream parlors, apart from ice cream and cake products, coffee speciality is also prepared, prepared by selected smokers, carefully selected teas (in all 6 colors, ie black, green, turquoise, yellow, red and white), as well as cocktails and smoothies . The company also prepares lemonade cold hopped with new wave hop varieties.
After many years of work in the catering industry, the owners moved to Masuria and took care of what they loved most - the creation of ice cream and cakes. The work of the owners is also their passion that combines love for good food, tradition and a bit of madness in creating new flavors. They choose only the highest quality raw materials for their products. The quality of raw materials is always checked in trial productions, because the owners believe that only the best parts can be achieved by mastering the final result.
When choosing the raw materials, the owners mostly use resources from the area of \u200b\u200bWarmia, Mazury and Powiśle. Milk and cream come from the District Dairy Cooperative in Olecko, while eggs for the production of cakes are bought at local wholesalers.

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