Pasieka Pszczele Włości

Apiary 'Pszczele Włości' offers honeys from Warmia. It has been producing honey since 2010. The apiary is located 30 km from Olsztyn, in the picturesque town of Stare Kawkowo, away from the city, with linden alleys and surrounding forests. Clean air and landscape and natural assets are the assets that help bees produce excellent honey. The apiary has 80 bee families. Honey offered is: linden, multiflorous, deciduous, honeydew, rapeseed, buckwheat, facelift honey. The conditions in which honey is obtained and bottled is a new beekeeping building, equipped with modern devices made of stainless steel such as honey extractors, sieves, dispensers, clarifiers, meeting all hygienic and sanitary conditions.

Stare Kawkowo 35 A
11-042 Jonkowo
Telephone 0048 602 639 375
[email protected]
GPS N53.86332 E20.19027 (WGS84 decimal)

Production & Processing 
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