Zajazd Wiejski

The Zajazd Wiejski (Country Inn) has been run since 1999. It was founded jointly by the Mieczkowski family, where the main role was played and still plays by the owner, who is passionate about the kitchen. Taking advantage of the benefits prevailing in these areas, the restaurants' culinary were initially based mainly on Masurian fish. Today, the kitchen has been expanded to include many other Polish and Slavic dishes.
When choosing dishes, the owner is guided by tradition, good taste, freshness and satiety of the food. In the era of fast food and ready food, the owner strives for the quality and naturalness of meals. Home-made regional cuisine is run here.
The Country Inn in terms of architecture and interior design was created in Old Masurian style.
The Country Inn is primarily characterized by regional cuisine, which includes, among others: kartacze, Masurian fish - they are bought from local suppliers straight from the local lakes. These include fish such as zander, perch, eel, tench, catfish, pike, sturgeon, vendace, trout, roach, crucian carp. They form the basis of the menu; Masurian cabbage soup - contains Masurian barley groats, and is cooked on homemade sauerkraut in the Inn; mushroom soup - prepared on the basis of local mushrooms, collected by local mushroom pickers. This soup is available all year round, because the mushrooms are dried on the spot, own duck, duck breast in cranberry-plum sauce from the meat of rural ducks.

Szczechy Wielkie 15
12-200 Pisz
Telephone 0048 507 501 625
[email protected]
GPS N53.693348 E21.8112023 (WGS84 decimal)

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