Gospodarstwo rolne Monika Płecha

The farm is located in the Landscape Park of the Iława Lake District. This is a beautiful area of Jeziorak - the longest lake in Poland, distant from the owner's house about 2 km. The beautiful, old roads of East Prussia with linden alleys are ideal for hiking and cycling. The owner's house is an intimate place where you can relax close to nature unspoiled by civilization, among forests and meadows. The main activity is running an organic farm. Simmental beef cattle, Cameroonian sheep and goats are bred here. The animals have free access to the whole year round. They are fed with hay from their own meadows, where artificial fertilizers are not used. It is a certified organic farm. Meat from breeding is the basis in the kitchen. Beef is seasoned so that it reaches the right culinary qualities. The basis of good quality meat is animal nutrition, stress-free breeding and maintenance of their welfare, and stress-free slaughter. Agricultural Retail Trade includes the sale of beef, lamb and goat meat and ready meals prepared from products from the farm. According to the ideology of the owner from pasture to plate, the owner wants guests and customers to be able to buy products directly on the farm.

Huta Wielka 10
14-230 Zalewo
Telephone 0048 506 680 181
[email protected]
GPS N53.762709 E19.6667856 (WGS84 decimal)

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