Wędzonki warmińskie

The products of the company Wędzonki Warmińskie are closely related to the region of Warmia and Mazury, because they are made in a family plant in Warmia, in Lidzbark Warmiński, from pork from a slaughterhouse that purchases and slaughter pigs from farms located within the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. All products are made only from meat and offal purchased in the above-mentioned plant. The delivered pork carcasses are delivered to the company after cooling down by the meat producer in a refrigerated truck. Then they are hand formed and cured.
The brines are made on the basis of pickling salt with the addition of a herbal infusion made exclusively from natural ingredients. Only natural spices are added to the sausages. Ready-made spice mixtures are not used. The set of spices is composed and ground immediately before being added. When creating products, the owners mainly use recipes taken from a cookbook from 1950. Some of the recipes are modified according to their sense of taste and experience, because the owners have been dealing with the subject of smoking as an amateur since around 2000.
Semi-finished products are packaged and:
Meats and sausages are smoked in a traditional smokehouse fired with alder, oak and fruit trees
Pates and roasts are baked in an electric oven
Some smoked meats (pork knuckle and ham), brawn, black pudding and pate in tripe are brewed in aromatic brine based on evaporated salt and natural herbs.
After production, the final products are placed in a cold store, and after cooling, they are sent to the store and sold there directly to customers. The entire process is carried out in one building.
The owners mention that in the future they also plan to make game food.

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