Gospodarstwo Pasieczne Leśny Dwór

Honey, bearing the trademark Pasieczne Leśny Dwór, has been present on the market since 1990. Initially, only honey from own apiaries was offered, the potential of which allowed to start building a recognizable brand of honey. After a few years, in 1994, Leśny Dwór Beekeeping Farm became a company that systematically expanded the list of beekeepers from Warmia and Mazury cooperating with it. It is a cooperation with a long history, based on mutual trust. The suppliers also include members of the Culinary Heritage network.
The potential of the environment rich in nectarising plants combined with the qualifications of beekeepers from the region meant that the products of the Beekeeping Farm have gained faithful consumers expecting natural honey. The honeys characteristic of Warmia and Mazury have outstanding taste characteristics resulting from their purity and biodiversity. Appreciating their potential, the farm focused on organizing the enterprise as a link between beekeepers and consumers. The principles of building permanent relationships are based on the continuous improvement of qualifications of both beekeepers and the production facilities in the honey bottling plant.
The owner of the farm decided that it is necessary to constantly raise the standards related to ensuring safety and quality. The recognition of the Farm's brand, which uses a characteristic graphic symbol, is enhanced by a sophisticated way of decorating. The owner believes that by careful and original in its form protection of the product, which is natural raw linen and a seal imprinted in the lacquer, confirms that the contents of the jar are the noblest food.

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12-100 Szczytno
Telephone 0048 89 624 37 77
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GPS N53.551910 E20.980830 (WGS84 decimal)

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