Hotel Park

The restaurant "Park Hotel" dishes are prepared with regional products, among others, as shown in the picture slips of wild boar in gravy, which received the award "Pearl 2011"
in the "Our Culinary Heritage - Tastes of the Regions". The restaurant works
with producers in Western Pomerania, including the farm Pilch, where are sourced raw materials necessary for the production of food. It is one of the few restaurants that offers a menu homeste cheese. It is planned to extend the offer of goat cheese from Wołczkowo or rose jam and green tomatoes jam.

ul. Plantowa 1
70-527 Szczecin
Telephone +48 91 434 00 50, mob.:+48 507 820 006
Fax +48 91 434 45 03
[email protected]
GPS N53.431903 E14.559823 (WGS84 decimal)

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