Gospodarstwo rolne "Dworek Tradycja"

Tradition Manor - a beautiful place located somewhat off the beaten track, in a small village surrounded by fields and forests, 90 km east of Szczecin. More than 300-year history of the house
and his numerous mysteries and attractions make your stay here is a unique experience. Manor remembers turbulent expanse of beautiful and strange history. In its surroundings has happened for decades a life that is here today living memory. Within the walls of the house used to be located pastorówka inn and, after the war placed the county archives here. He also served as a rural school and kindergarten.
The owner of the mansion is a digger old regional recipes and author of "Pomeranian cookbook". Create an unusual atmosphere furnaces home where bread is baked and unique gingerbread Szczecin.
The kitchen is the heart of the manor tradition, the place where it all begins. Here prepare the marinade for meats according to old recipes, you set the tinctures, home brew beer and conduct culinary workshops for our guests ..
Beautiful rooms in the manor tradition are each decorated in a different style: rose, Dutch, angelic, Szczecin, łowicki ...
The hosts know that the feast is needed sutej active rest, because movement strengthens digestion. Recommended walking tour of the area, jogging, Nordic Walking
with a licensed instructor, mountain biking, kayaking Rega, mushroom picking in the nearby woods, fishing on the lake Klępnicko, bloodless hunt
camera, explore the surrounding churches and ruins of mansions. We also invite you to "House under the pear tree" on the lake Klępnicko. There is a wooden house with a terrace, located on land directly on the lake. Lake is located at a distance of 3 km. from the village Bełczna.

Bełczna 27
73-150 Bełczna
Telephone +48 91 39 73 893
Fax +48 91 39 73 893
[email protected]
GPS N53.713752 E15.593201 (WGS84 decimal)

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