A beautifully located vineyard established in Baniewice (West Pomerania) in 2010, where an acreage of 20 hectares accommodates the cultivation of hybrid strains like Solaris, Hibernal or Rondo, as well as several noble varieties like Riesling or Pinot Noir.
A well-equipped production facility, with its own laboratory, allow for meticulous oversight of every one of the wine's attributes, in every phase of its production. A wine-tasting salon is also being created in the processing building.
The company has a familiar character to it, at the head of the vineyard are Zbigniew Turnau and also his son Jacek and cousin Grzegorz, a highly regarded Krakow artist, along with their friend and initiator Tomasz Kasicki. The vineyard is in cooperative agreement with a significant Rhineland vintner Frank Faust.

Mon-Sun*: 11am-5pm
*Please note that Sundays are valid from 01. April to 31. October

Baniewice 115
74-110 Banie
Telephone +48913079131
[email protected]
GPS N53.077450 E14.603054 (WGS84 decimal)

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