Gospodarstwo Pasieczna "Maja" R.K. Bondaruk

The history of the establishment of the Beekeeping Farm "Maj" from the Drawskie Lakeland dates back to the 1950s. The great grandmother of the current owners established a small apiary, consisting of several bee families, kept in the so-called Kószkach - a former hive made of straw. For 30 years, the apiary was handed over to local beekeepers, until in the 90s it came full circle and returned in the fourth generation to the Bondaruk family. It has a stationary and itinerant character, it is created by 800 bee families. Its location on various, industry-free crops guarantees high-quality quality honeys, including multiflorous, facelite, clover, buckwheat, acacia, linden, clove, milk thistle as well as heather and honeydew. In addition, apiary breeds and sells bee mothers, as well as apitherapy.

CONTACTS:Gospodarstwo Pasieczna "Maja" R.K. Bondaruk
Czarne Wielkie 49
78-550 Czaplinek
Telephone +48 535 225 155
[email protected]
GPS N53.6323398 E16.2565673 (WGS84 decimal)

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