Sady Rajewscy Karolina Rajewska

The Sady Rajewscy company was established in December 2018 on the basis of a multi-generational fruit orchard, run in the town of Karwowo. In 1964, the grandparents of the current owner began growing apple trees in an orchard in the then Szczecin Province. Currently, the third generation of fruit growers is passionate and committed to growing old and new varieties of apple and pear. Years of experience and practice have meant that the fruits achieve the appropriate parameters and taste. In the orchard, with an area of approx. 5 ha, the vast majority are apple trees in several varieties: piros, reneta, idared, melarose, ligol (variety grown in Poland), jonaprince, paprika, gloster, gala and pear, among others conference, spanking, commissioner. Fruits from the orchard are sold to local entrepreneurs, in retail outlets, as well as from a mobile point - Żuka, which goes to the streets of Szczecin and the surrounding area in the spring and summer season. In addition to selling fresh fruit, the company also processes 100% first-class fruit juices. Obtained NFC juices - not from concentrate, always taste the same, because the consumer knows from which variety of apples a given batch has been produced. The juice is hand-packed in a characteristic wrapper with a description of the product philosophy and the history of the orchard. Such packaging, thanks to the possibility of separating the product into three parts: glass, paper and metal, also facilitates proper waste segregation.

CONTACTS:Sady Rajewscy Karolina Rajewska
Karwowo 7
77-005 Przecław
Telephone +48 603 170 880
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GPS N53.3731689 E14.4350656 (WGS84 decimal)

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